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Moving from Hazard Vulnerability to Disaster Resilience: The Experience from Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Public Lecture

April 25, 2012Kate FlickEvents, GeneralComments Off on Moving from Hazard Vulnerability to Disaster Resilience: The Experience from Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Public Lecture

When: Friday, 27 April; Coffee/refreshments 3:15; talk starts at 3:30 and ends at 5pm with a Q&A

Where: 3M Classroom 1-106, Hanson Hall, University of Minnesota • 1925 4th Street S • Minneapolis MN 55455

Description: Join us for the Ralph H. Brown Memorial Lecture by Susan Cutter, Carolina Distinguished Professor and Director, Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, Department of Geography, University of South Carolina.

For the past decade, hazards and disasters researchers have focused on what makes people and places vulnerable to natural hazards. The development of geo-referenced vulnerability metrics, especially those capturing social vulnerability (such as the Social Vulnerability Index), enabled comparisons between places in terms of attributes that influenced the ability of populations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Hazard vulnerability assessments (including both social and physical vulnerability) are now the basis for county and state hazard mitigation plans nationwide. Instead of focusing on vulnerability reduction as a pathway towards disaster risk reduction, federal agency interest is centered on enhancing the nation’s resilience to natural disasters. Using Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and its experience with Hurricane Katrina as an exemplar, this lecture describes the concept of disaster resilience and current efforts underway to measure disaster resilience from community to regional scales.

Free and open to the public.

Hosted by Department of Geography, University of Minnesota

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