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Attend the Paris Climate Talks

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Do you want to be in Paris this fall, at the exact moment when world leaders are negotiating the terms of a global climate change agreement?  If you say yes, then please fill out a VERY SHORT (200 words plus your resume or CV or just your list of qualifications) application for this once-in-a-lifetime study abroad opportunity.


Job in Policy Research (Freshwater Society)

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Freshwater Society is looking for a student or recent graduate to assist with research and writing related to Minnesota water issues. This intern will work closely with a team who is working on current issues related to groundwater availability and non-point source pollution related to agriculture. (

For more information and to apply, see the job announcement below:

Policy Research Position (pdf)

Summer Credits at WEI’s Organic Farm

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GWSS 3920 banner


Experiential learning course teaches methods of organic farming in a feminist environmentalist framework. Learn, farm, and eat together!


Open to All Students

U of M Students Register through GWSS

(All other college students contact Tracy Deutsch (see below))


Course Description

GWSS 3290 is a 3-week special summer session course coordinated and taught by Jacquelyn Zita, Farm Manager and Director of Education at the Women’s Environmental Institute and Emeritus Professor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota.  This study will include practical hands-on learning of farm skills for organically certified farming and also experience working on the Amador Hill farm crew. The experience will be framed by readings on the global food system, history of agriculture in the U.S., and biology and science of organic farming, and literature drawn from food studies, agriculture studies and critical race and gender studies.The farm-based educational components of this class will include the specifics of greenhouse care, soil care, field management, pest and weed identification, forest foraging, aquaponic fish and vermiculture care , and intensive microgreen and mushroom production.  In addition students will learn how to cook and prepare meals with fresh farm produce, how to save seed, how to grow soil from compost, how to preserve food for winter, and how to live-with-the-farm during the challenges of seasonal and climate change. All students will have an opportunity to participate in WEI’s booth at the Mill City Farmer’s Market or the North Branch Farmer’s Market and in one of WEI’s urban farm projects.

Students will register for three credits through the Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota. Students from other colleges and universities may also register for the class; contact Tracey Deutsch at for more information on this option.

Student may elect to extend their credits through a directed studies contract with the instructor, particularly if that enables them to access financial aid.  These projects must be related to WEI’s work and mission as an organically certified training farm and would be due before the end of summer, August 28.  Approval of directed studies contracts from the instructor is required.

Professor/farmer Jacquelyn Zita will serve as site supervisor and academic supervisor for enrolled students.

Residency at the WEI Eco-Retreat Center will run from Monday evening to mid-afternoon Friday.  Each day will include morning and early afternoon farming, study and readings (all readings on reserve in the WEI library), class discussions and technical workshops, journal writing and research for a special project, and the experience of cooking and living together. Students will be expected to complete all assigned readings and writing assignments, complete a special group project of their own design relevant to the on-going activities at the Amador Hill Farm, and work with the farm crew 26 hours per week. A typical week in GWSS 3290 will include a meeting in the Twin Cities Monday late afternoon (prior to the WEI’s Organic Farm School class at the Birchwood Café in South Minneapolis 6:00-8:30 p.m.)  Residency at the WEI Eco-Retreat Center will run from late Monday evening to mid-afternoon Friday.  Students are not allowed to stay at WEI over the weekends.  Course fee of $1400 covers meals, living expenses, and instructional materials while in residence.

Course Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of the biological and ecological knowledge for running a four-season agro-ecological organically certified farm
  • To learn the skills, team building and the knowledge needed to meet the challenge of working on a rigorous and high-functioning farm crew.
  • To understand the larger social context of food politics, organic farming, the history of agriculture and the food system.
  • To develop food and farming literacy and a lifelong set of skills for sustainable living, including cooking, storing, preserving, and enjoying fresh, organic sustenance.
  • To make connections between farming, food and environmental justice in a feminist gender studies framework


  • Early morning to early afternoon work on the farm with training sessions and participation on regular farm crew; hands-on farmer training.  30%
  • Participation in class discussions and sharing from journal 10%
  • Short papers on reading guided questions.  30%
  • Work on student group project. 20%
  • One day at the farmer’s markets. 5%
  • Participation in household, menu planning, cooking and clean up duties. 5%

Students will be expected to keep a journal on their experience and learning goals to be shared with the class


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Summer Jobs with Urban Research & Outreach-Engagement Center

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Juniors, Seniors and Grad Students

The Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC) is hiring for multiple positions this summer, with several positions presenting an opportunity to continue into the fall semester.  They are particularly looking for juniors, seniors and grad students that may have interest in the following opportunities. Apply here.

Northside Achievement Zone Community Survey

  • Part-Time Data Collector
    • Open to all students and community members
    • 20 hours/week this summer
    • Up to $14/hour

Mapping the Demand for Sex with Trafficking People in Minnesota

  • .5 GRA’s
    • Summer and fall/spring 2015-2016
    • $18+tuition benefits during the fall/spring semesters
  • Project Research Assistant
    • 10-20 hours/week this summer
    • Up to $18/hour

Nice Ride Neighborhood, Wheel Being, and Equity and Bike Sharing Evaluation

  • .5 GRA’s
    • Summer and fall 2015
    • $18+tuition benefits during the fall semester
  • Part-Time Data Collector
    • 10-20 hours/week this summer and fall
    • Up to $18/hour

Northside Achievement Zone NAZ – Family Academy Curriculum and Model Development

  • .5 GRA’s
    • Summer and fall/spring 2015-2016
    • $18+tuition benefits during the fall/spring semesters

Capacity-building for YPAR on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth

  • Part-Time Data Collector
    • 10-20 hours/week this summer and fall
    • Up to $18/hour

UROC GRA’s – Writing/Documentation/Research

  • .5 GRA’s and .25 GRA’s
    • Summer and fall/spring 2015-2016
    • $18+tuition benefits during the fall/spring semesters


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Internships with Urban Oasis: Summer and Fall 2015

May 8, 2015MadelineGeneral, Undergraduate NewsComments Off on Internships with Urban Oasis: Summer and Fall 2015

Urban Oasis cropped

Urban Oasis is an up-and-coming food justice organization in St. Paul. Since its inception in 2013, it has worked to establish community and cross-cultural education through food-based learning events. Moving forward it hopes to become a year-round source of fresh foods and provide affordable cooking classes.

For more info and to apply contact:

Urban Oasis Marketing and Communications Intern

Help shape the narrative at the forefront of the local food movement. We are seeking an experienced individual with exceptional organization and communication skills to serve as a marketing intern on the Marketing and Communications team. This person will conduct research projects to help the team launch marketing, communications, and public relations campaigns. You’ll develop writing clips for your portfolio as you work with our experienced marketing director, who has executed campaigns for clients and advertising agencies in a wide variety of industries. And you’ll get a chance to work with our energetic staff who are passionate about changing the local food system.

Urban Oasis Food Systems Intern

The Administrative team will coordinate an internship to advance research and program support to make our entire team more effective. Our Food Systems interns help coordinate our exciting summer Railgating opportunity during St. Paul Saints games at their CHS Field in Lowertown. Interns may also provides additional support to our Healthy Meal­Making program, a 10­week cooking class for adults.

Children’s Lead intern for Healthy Meals in a SNAP!

Make an impact on children through our healthy food curriculum this summer! During our Healthy Meals in a SNAP! (HSNAP) program for SNAP participants we offer a separate children’s curriculum while parents are learning new healthy meal­making skills. We need experienced volunteers to lead the 10­week children’s class and support the teachers. Our lead intern will coordinate and run the HSNAP children’s program from June 18th ­ Aug 20th, managing the support volunteers and the curriculum for students ages 5 ­ 18. Public Health Field Placement​­ Fall 2015 Join Urban Oasis staff as we nourish consumers in our cooking classes! Our Healthy Meal Making Program (HMMP) is looking for a Public Health student to do follow­up interviews and evaluation with HMMP pilot participants. This professional placement can be coordinated for credit through the School of Public Health. As we support healthy eaters who are building on their kitchen strengths, this field placement will help provide critical data to help shape our ongoing programming.

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