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Sustainability Education

The University of Minnesota Sustainability Faculty Network includes faculty and staff members from nearly all colleges and schools across the Twin Cities campus. Network members share a common interest in sharing the expertise in sustainability education and building new opportunities to serve students across the University.

Learn about the Network’s history here.

Network Members (Alphabetical)

Lawrence Baker Water Resources Center
Dennis Becker Forest Resources
Jonee Brigham Center for Sustainable Building Research
Blaine Brownell Architecture
Valentine Cadieux Geography
John Carmondy Center for Sustainable Building Research
Carla Carlson UMore Park
Ellison Carter Institute on the Environment
Rick Carter Architecture
Jeannine Cavender-Bares Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Jean Coleman CR Planning, Inc.; Law School
Barrett Colombo Institute on the Environment
John Comazzi Architecture
Jeffrey Corney Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
Mae Davenport Forest Resources
Jane Davidson Civil Engineering
Greg Donofrio School of Architecture
Kathryn Draeger U of M Regional Partnerships; Agronomy & Plant Genetics
Fred Finley Curriculum & Instruction
Jon Foley Institute on the Environment; Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Lewis Gilbert Institute on the Environment
Dan Gilchrist Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships
Michael Greco Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
Mary Guzowski Architecture
Dan Handeen Center for Sustainable Building Research
Kate Hathaway Center for Spirituality and Healing
Connie Hessburg College of Continuing Education
Garth Hickle Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering
Jason Hill Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering
Sarah Hobbie Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Nick Jordan Agronomy & Plant Genetics
Steve Kelley Humphrey School
Alexandra Klass Law School
Kate Knuth Institute on the Environment; Boreas Leadership Program
Clarence Lehman Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Greg Lindsey Humphrey School
Peter Lindstrom Humphrey School
Jim Lutz School of Architecture
Julian Marshall Civil Engineering
Cindy McComas Environmental and Occupational Health
Beth Mercer-Taylor Institute on the Environment
Charlotte Melin German, Scandinavian, & Dutch
Kristine Miller Landscape Architecture
Helene Murray Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture; Agronomy & Plant Genetics
Laura Musacchio Landscape Architecture
Guillermo Narvaez Humphrey School
Julia Frost Nerbonne Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology; HECUA
Paige Novak Civil Engineering
Pat Nunnally Institute on the Environment
Katey Pelican Veterinary Population Medicine
Dan Philippon English
David Pitt Landscape Architecture
Jennifer Powers Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Kathryn Quick Humphrey School
Anu Ramaswami Humphrey School
Fred Rose Civil Engineering; Acara
Carissa Schively Slotterback Humphrey School
Jennifer Schmitt NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise
Ingrid Schneider Forest Resources
Amy Short University Services
Virajita Singh Center for Sustainable Building Research
Patrick Smith Center for Sustainable Building Research
Shane Stennes Facilities Management
Richard Strong Center for Sustainable Building Research
Matt Tucker Landscape Architecture
Stacy White Reuse Program
Lisa Wiley Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Science Administration
Elizabeth Wilson Humphrey School
Jacquelyn Zita Gender, Women and Sexuality


The Sustainability Education website is administered by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

The University of Minnesota offers sustainability courses in most of its colleges and campuses around the state. These courses encompass biophysical sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, design, engineering, business, and health. The Sustainability Studies minor is one of several interdisciplinary programs through which such diverse courses come together.