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The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities offers an academic program, research center, student group or campus opportunity spanning nearly every aspect of and discipline connected to sustainability. As a large, comprehensive, urban land-grant University with nationally recognized programs in areas like ecology, evolution and behavior, geography and public health, the richness and depth of offerings in sustainability exceeds or matches those of any other higher education institution. The “Student Work” included here comes primarily from the undergraduate Sustainability Studies Minor.  Please write to with suggestions for additional listings or materials to include.

1) Student Sustainability Symposium (research)

Student Symposium Abstracts

2) Sustainability Studies Minor Capstone and Internship Course Projects

Field Guide to Sustainable Communities
Green Office Guide (Quick Tips)
Green Office Guide (Full)
Minneapolis Food Systems Report
Sustainability at the University of Minnesota- Integrating Data Using GIS

Falcon Heights Recycling
Falcon Heights Sustainability
Mahtomedi Sustainability
Minnesota Brownfields
Sustainable Fish and Seafood
Life-Cycle Standards
Organic Waste
Renovate or Build Anew?
Public Transportation Barriers
Change Through Education
Collective Laundry
Grease to Fuel
Motivation for Energy Conservation
Sustainable Communities: Student Project Summaries

Campus Waste
Off-Campus Housing
New Buildings
Campus Transit Vehicles
Behavior in Energy
From the Farm to the Fork
Sustainable Communities: Student Project Summaries

3) Other Student Sustainability Work
Si, Se Puede! A Teaching Packet on Sustianable Agriculture in Cuba

The Sustainability Education website is administered by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

The University of Minnesota offers sustainability courses in most of its colleges and campuses around the state. These courses encompass biophysical sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, design, engineering, business, and health. The Sustainability Studies minor is one of several interdisciplinary programs through which such diverse courses come together.